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Our Mission Statement

Now more than ever before, hardwood flooring has become a “statement” décor item in any construction. Protecting its integrity is critical to the value of the finished project. Our family-owned company is designed to do one thing: Protect the investment in today’s beautiful wood floors from top to bottom—occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem. We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid-quality handwork every time. We work with experienced designers to produce top-notch work. We’ll bring our project extensive experience to your next project. Our services are not limited, You can count on our capability to do the job right, First time. Whether you are installing new wood floors, or want to refinish wood floors that have been in your home for many years, we have many resources available to help you with your decision-making.

Educating Client, Estimating &

Jobsite Evaluation

One-Step Shop for all your hardwood flooring needs: Solid. Engineered. Prefinished. Unfinished. New planks or Strips. Old planks or Reclaimed.  Hand Scraped. Custom build. Wire brush. Burn brush. Textured. Chevron. Herringbones. Floors. Stairs. Borders. Trims. Wall Frames. Vents. Design. Installation. Nail down. Glue down. Products. Maintenance. Repair. Refinish. Color-blend. Replace. Revive. Renovate. Existing Floor Demolition. Sub Floor Concrete/Wood Preparation. Moisture control. Protections.

Moisture Control


In the battle against interior moisture damage, the best defense is a strong offense. To help win the battle, hardwood floor underlayment is an economical and extremely effective performance in wood flooring applications. Hardwood floor underlayment is a superior building material used to cover the sub-floor to reduce moisture vapor flow and aid in installation of wood flooring Properly prepared sub-floors or job site conditions and proper installation of flooring are the responsibility of the installer. With more than a ten years history of proven performance, technical expertise and practical know-how, we will take it very seriously to make sure your investment is solid.

Demolition, Preparation &

Floor Installation

Trained and comply with NWFA installation guidelines. We will take care of removing and haul away the existing floor covering. We will prep the sub-floor (concrete or plywood) to meet the requirements. We will always comply with flooring manufacturer’s written instruction and recommendations by the national wood flooring association’s installation and guidelines, as applicable to flooring type during the floor installation process.

Wall Frames, Hand Rails &

Stair Cases

Customization on-site to meet your expectations. Approaching a formidable task with boldness and confidence can be a recipe for success. Exceptional services to General Contractors and Designers. Certainly the jobsite be carefully evaluate for potential problems before installation begins.

Radiant Heating Systems &

Sound Proofing

Versatility in Application. When comparing the performance in sound control products, only products with testing from certified laboratory should be considered. Radian heating is a growing source of heating in North America, Both in residential and commercial installations. Consequently, it’s important for installers to understand how radiant heating works with hardwood flooring installations.

Wood Repair &

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Analytics Modernization. Individual wood flooring boards can be repaired/replaced in soli, engineered and parquet products without affecting adjoining boards. The number of times the hardwood floor refinishing process can happen depends on the skill of the person sanding the floor, the type of equipment used, and the thickness of the remaining wear- layer and the flatness of the floor.