Wood Flooring

Our History

Since 2016, Family-Owned and operated out of Simi Valley, CA. 
We are small enough to provide you with excellent services, and big enough to handle any sized job.
We believe in putting 100% passion into everything we do, with the needs and safety of our customers, and the environment, in mind. 

Z Flooring, Inc.

Meet the Owner

I started installing wood floors in 2010. I didn’t jump in and start installing every type of floor covering. I started at the beginning, I learned the alphabet of the trade. I took the craft very seriously and learned about the varieties of woods and how each one requires its own skill set in terms of cutting, staining, and finishing to bring out the wood’s unique beauty. I sharpened my skills and increased my knowledge by taking woodcraft courses and working hands-on with master craftsmen.

I  joined the National Wood Flooring Association and became a Certified Professional in 2014. I believe that my continuing dedication to learning everything I can about the best techniques and materials is what sets me apart from the others. I got my contractor’s license in 2016 and started my own business. I decided early on to only provide the highest quality services to my clients. I build long-term working relationships with my customers. I have complete confidence when I tell you that when you hire us, you’ll be amazed with our craftsmanship and our dependable customer service. You’ll stay satisfied.

Dedicated to Provide the

Highest-Quality Services

Certainty that there will be a future a sense that tomorrow may be better than today, or yesterday or last week, or last year. We want the certainty that we will wake up with jobs. Our families will be secure and supported. Our dreams will be safe. It doesn’t matter who we were, it is matter who we become. And the new opportunities we are working on for you to get in place will shape our future for years to come. It will be extra special when we do get to see each other in person.

Since 2016, we have taken pride in being a family business that cares about the health of your family and the natural resources we utilize. Today, the name is known across North America for dazzling, modern, handcrafted floors that are low-emitting, long-lasting, and sustainably sourced. We use only environmentally friendly components, from our adhesives to our finishes. Choose our company with confidence. We do not offer any products that we would not install in our own homes. We have confidence to tell you when you hire us you’ll be amazed what a dependable customer service looks like.